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WPC 2008 Evian best of
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Best of the World Policy Conference 2008 in Evian. Speech by Thierry de Montbrial : “My conviction is that we have now fully entered the 21st century and we are witnessing the end of unipolarity. This means that we will have to discover, not without a bit of pain, how diverse our world is. Many actors of what we call the South (…) are concerned by the concept of universal values such as human rights and democracy. (...) What they do not accept, what they reject is Western powers trying to impose their specific modes of government in the name of universal values, without taking into consideration the histories and backgrounds of the majority of the peoples of the world. (…) we have a lot to learn from certain aspects of governance in some traditional societies. (…) current world trends are, unfortunately, not all necessarily moving towards the expansion of democracy. (…) global governance cannot be efficient unless it is built on mutual respect among peoples of the world who, for whatever reasons, the cold war or previously colonialism, did not really listen to each other. (…) we have to make sure that the future global governance is a win-win solution for all. (…) indeed smaller countries have a key role to play as well. This will only be possible if all the players of the world show the will to promote cooperation and dialogue. (…) the future rules of this new form of governance must be as inclusive as possible. (…) In designing the architecture of future global governance, we must pay much more attention than in the past to regional structures and to the links between the regional and the global levels. (…) we will pursue this endeavour. This is the first of the WPC, but let me assure you that there will be a second one, a third one and fourth one, etc.” -------------- Musics : By force of arms Richard Wells/Phil Sawyer KPM - Mother Gary Scargill/Peter Oldroyd DedGoog - The main news James Copperthwaite KPM
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